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January 23, 2016

Happy New Year! Wait, it's the 23rd already? Umm...look over there? So yeah, haven't updated since September, and even that wasn't much of an update. So here's the super overview: I was sick for a good 2 months or so, which is tough when you have a demanding job and a kid to raise. I also had a pregnant wife who in turn got sick, so sick me is taking care of sick her as best as I can. This isn't "super omg death" sick, but it was still enough to slow me down and kill my free time.

But now I'm feeling better and I have a little girl now! Been taking some time off work to spend with family, but that has been generally time for either bonding or getting things done around the house, not time for website. It started off really tough because our two-year old was upset by the baby. He always liked her, but he was definitely confused by her and all the attention she gets from Mommy and Daddy, mostly from Mommy. We had a few tough days, but he's back to his old self now. He's a bit more independent now and still occasionally gives Mommy the cold shoulder, but he is happy again and into his routines, which is awesome.

As for the site, I've decided to both ruin and raise suspense. I'm ruining it by posting up all of the remaining team announcements for AFFR: Fallen-Stars. They all have their little intro thingies to read, if interested (just click the pic). So all suspense is ruined and you now know the entire intended cast for AFFR: Fallen-Stars. And then the bad news: I'm still not sure if this will ever happen. Having two kids is a lot of work, y'all. I'm old now. I may have been a teenager when I started this, but now I'm an old man. I'm a father. I have a career. I'm just...old. And probably boring. I still want to write the Fallen-Stars and All-Stars seasons of The Amazing Final Fantasy Race and have a good ending to this series that I really, really enjoy writing, but my ability to do it is questionable. I'm not saying it won't happen, and I actually still think the odds are better for it happening than not happening, but I just want to be the downer here and let you know that there is a good chance things don't work out as I'd hoped. If it does happen though, I have some really good ideas for this and the All-Stars season.

Oh, and because people mentioned their dislike for the removal of Bugging Sephiroth, it and a couple other things have been added back onto the site in a section called The Archives. Glad to hear y'all still like reading the classics!

I hope you're all able to stick with me in this slow process. I'll try to have things up every now and again. I plan to start revealing the picks for AFFR: All-Stars soon enough. There won't be any AFFR episodes posted until summer (assuming it happens), but I'll still try to have a few things here and there. So look for all of that in the future. I can only promise one thing: I'm really trying to work on the site. It's just tough at this stage of life. Thank you to all of you who have stuck it out over the past...y'know...more than a decade. Dang, this site is like 15 years old now! I've worked on this site for close to half my life! What a loser!

September 14, 2015

Work has been a bit demanding lately. The beginning of the year is always a bit rough, especially since I'm trying to innovate this year and change everything about how I teach. Every weekend goes by and I have this feeling like, "Oh, I missed an update, but only one. No big deal." Then I see the time stamp and how it's been a month and realize how demanding this job has been that a month feels like one week. Kinda living and breathing the job right now.

But to make up for my slowness, here is a team announcement and another team announcement for AFFR: Fallen-Stars! Two in one! To make up for the four weeks of no update. Umm....shh? Hope you enjoy the update! Still maintaining the site, it's just harder nowadays. Hope you all enjoy! I'll try to post announcements each weekend, but I know I'll miss the occasional weekend here and there. Sorry in advance, but I've gotta prioritize (or so they tell me...).

August 15, 2015

Announcements of two types! First announcement is yet another team announcement for AFFR: Fallen-Stars! Only have part of one episode planned, but progress is being made. Hit a bit of a stop lately because of business. Work started back up last week, so there was a lot to do there, plus a lot of other personal stuff happened.

Second announcement is a good one for me personally, but really only affects the site negatively because it eats up even more of my writing time. But maybe you'll be happy because I'm happy? *shrug* Anyway, second announcement is that I have a baby girl on the way! Coming in late December! So when the site goes quiet around then and for probably a few months afterward, you'll know why. I've known this news for awhile, which is why I have been saying I didn't want to get started on posting AFFR episodes. There might be a good several months of inability to write and post, so I didn't want to get halfway through the season and then leave you all hanging for an eternity. That's why I think next summer is a reasonable goal for posting actual episodes. But I'll still post up the team announcements for Fallen-Stars and probably All-Stars over the next several months. Thanks for hanging in there!

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