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March 2, 2014

It's over! Here's AFFR Episode 11, Early Show to signify the end of this season. It's been a good season, even if the end really got clogged up. Dang it, I was so close to having the whole thing done by 2013's end, but there was so much baby-prep to do that I couldn't do it. Oh well. 1.5 years for a season isn't too bad. But man am I getting old. This was probably my favorite season to date. Loved the mix of teams and, even though it didn't break down as I had assumed it would, I enjoyed the progress, so I hope you all liked it, too.

Regarding the next two seasons, AFFR: Fallen-Stars and AFFR:All-Stars are in the planning phases already, but they will not hit the site for quite a while. Unfortunately, during the baby-watch seasons, I hit my buffer (too busy planning for work and baby) and it was incredibly stressful to try to meet deadlines. Even failing to meet them was stressful, and nothing done for non-profit fun should be stressful, so I'm going to plan these seasons and write them close to fully before posting up a single episode. So I'm estimating Summer of 2015 before we start seeing any episodes, but I will post teaser stuff (like team picks) progressively over the next year and a half.

And the really bad news: if the stuff really hits the thingy, there's a chance these two seasons will never come to be. I have four seasons to show right now and I'm really proud of 3.5 of those seasons, so I'm happy, but I really do have a big finish planned for the series in the form of All-Stars. Without it, I feel like it has no ending, so I definitely want to do it, but I just can't guarantee it. Ending here is a good stopping point, but if I start the next two seasons, I've gotta go all the way. Honestly, it might help me to feel some love for the series to help me make my decision. I have maybe two or three readers that I really know about, so if I knew I had more that wanted me to continue, it might help me make a more favorable decision about moving forward.

So what's in store for TGP for the next little while? Mostly smaller sections like Reviews, True Casts, and Top 10 Lists. Basically, things that I am not committed to making weekly updates. Sorry that updates will be sporatic, but as a father and a teacher, it's kind of the best I can offer right now, unfortunately. I'll be mostly hosting the forum blitzball games, both maintaining them twice a week as normal, plus looking at my monster coding and trying to make it a bit more perfect.

Finally, the big news is that I'm going to try my hand at some non-fan fiction work for a little while. I have plans for some stories I'd like to write, some short and some long, plus I'd like to really start looking into fully designing the video game idea I've had bouncing around in my head for over a year now. I don't know if I'll have much if anything to show for these projects, especially if I start them and they suck, but I'm at the point now where I've just gotta try. I've always said that fan fiction was my hopeful springboard to doing my own, original works. Next year I'll be 30, and I hear 30 is the age where dreams die, so I'd better start making these dreams a reality before I give up forever, ya? If I get something that I like, I'll try to post something here, whether it's a preview (first chapter, demo, whtever) and use the feedback to decide whether or not to keep it, trash it, or remodel it, basically.

So yeah, big plans for the future, and apologies for the slow updates that are to come over the next year or so. That about sums up this big long mess. Even if the updates are slow, I'm still here and still working! Have a good one, everybody!

March 1, 2014

Let's DO THIS THING! Time to finally end it! Here we go, the final part! AFFR Episode 11, Part 3! Now you'll get to see who wins it all! I'll post up the Early Show either later tonight or tomorrow--no need to drag it out. And then, Season 4 will be officially over. Tune in, see who wins, and feel free to head to the forums and comment about what you thought about the winners, the season, whatever. I enjoy the feedback. Hope you all enjoy it! It's been a fun season to write!

February 23, 2014

So...yeah. That whole "done by my birthday" thing. You...you knew it was a joke, right? Ha. Ha ha...ha. Yeah, complications. There are still complications (having some coding issues), but I'm just saying "meh" to issues and posting it anyway. So, we finally have part two of the finale posted! AFFR Episode 11, Part 2! I'll see if I can get the coding to work, but I'm ignoring it right now. The coding issue, if you're curious, is that there's some Al Bhed in this episode and I want to do like on the previous episode where hoving with the mouse can reveal the dialogue in English. I'll work on it, but for now, it's just Al Bhed. Find a translator, if you're curious, but otherwise, I think you'll figure most of it out. Hope you enjoy it! Hoping we'll see the finale soon!

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