TGP: The Amazing FF Race: Fallen-Stars
Edgar & Sabin Interview

EDGAR: Helloooo, ladies!

SABIN: ...And everybody else.

EDGAR: Men. Men are everybody else.

SABIN: Riiiiiight. But I don't want to say "Hello, men!"

EDGAR: Why not?

SABIN: . . .

EDGAR: Anyway! We're glad to be back on the race. It's been a long time and we've been itching to get back in after messing up the first time.

SABIN: On such an easy task, too!

EDGAR: We raced terribly. I'm surprised we got as far as we did, really. But the task we went out on? Man. . . .

SABIN: Seriously. I'm still kicking myself about that. But we can't dwell on the past, Bro.

EDGAR: Indeed. Which is why we're looking ahead to our return to the race.

SABIN: Even though we're sad to not be considered All-Stars, we totally get why we are where we are, but we really wanted to race with the best of the best.

EDGAR: We're just hoping the right people sign up for this season. And by that, I mean ladies.

SABIN: He means "good competition."

EDGAR: Why would I mean that? I mean ladies.

SABIN: We want to prove we're some of the best by taking down other people that were the best. Like, Reno and Rude were good and only lost because of one, tiny thing. So we hope they enter. Or Celia and Lede, who looked really tough!

EDGAR: That one I can agree on. I hope they enter.

SABIN: They scared me, Bro. But they were tough, and beating them would make me happy. If our competition is a bunch of teams like Brahne and Garnet though, I'll be sad.

EDGAR: Are you kidding? Garnet was hot.

SABIN: But her mom was a terrible racer. Beating teams like that doesn't even really count as winning.

EDGAR: I have a different definition of winning, and it involves racers like Garnet.

SABIN: Whatever, Bro. Let's just win, okay?

EDGAR: Definitely. Don't worry, I've got my eyes on the prize. We'll win, for sure. But there is such a thing as double winning, you know.

SABIN: (laughing) You assume you and your girly hair could ever pick up a lady while you're with your muscular, bear of a brother? I'll win the race with both ladies of the race's cutest all-girl team hanging on my arms when I step on the mat and you're just crying in my dust!

EDGAR: That doesn't even make sense! If another team is with you at the finish line and I'm "in your dust," then we lost!

SABIN (no longer laughing) . . . . Oh, whatever, Bro! You know what I mean! We'll win and you suck.

EDGAR: You suck!

The boys started playfully fighting with each other as the camera faded out.