TGP: The Amazing FF Race: Fallen-Stars
Fang & Vanille Interview

FANG: We're back!

VANILLE: And ready for action!

FANG: Took me a long time to get over the whole "not All-Stars" thing, but finally decided to give it a go with Fallen-Stars.

VANILLE: The first race was a lotta fun, plus we think we can win it this time, just maybe with a new strategy!

FANG: Eh, when facing a bunch of teams that we eliminated in the first half, I'm not too concerned with even needin' a new strategy, but I guess we'll just hafta see who comes to the table.

VANILLE: The people that took us out before, includin' Lightning and Snow, are all ineligible for Fallen-Stars, so we don't really need to worry about revenge or anythin' crazy like that. Just gotta be ourselves and do what we already know we can do!

FANG: Yup, we'll try not to be too cocky or petty or anythin' like that. We're just gonna race. And race for the title, not some silly prizes along the way. Not goin' home without the trophy this time!

VANILLE: That's right! And it'll be fun to see some old friends and a bunch of new people!

FANG: Eh, that's your idea of fun. I'm just hopin' to get some good competition. Hopin' we face off with people who were eliminated seventh, like us. Or eighth, or ninth. Just hopin' we don't get a bunch of the first-out losers in here.

VANILLE: They might be tougher than you think, though! We're tough, but we didn't even make All-Stars. Maybe somebody out there was stronger than they looked.

FANG: Let's hope so.

VANILLE: Yeah. . . . Wait, what? No!