TGP: The Amazing FF Race: Fallen-Stars
Malak & Rafa Interview

MALAK: Okay, this time we're going to do it right.

RAFA: Yes.

MALAK: We were off to a terrible start last time. Off our game. I think the other teams were affecting us too much with their negativity and stupidity.

RAFA: Or perhaps we weren't working well enough as a team.

MALAK: No, it was the other teams being stupid. I know that much. I think they didn't like us.

RAFA: No, they didn't. Nobody really wanted to work with us, which might have helped us a lot. Being part of a team is important.

MALAK: Sure, right. Whatever. Team stuff. But this time will be different.

RAFA: Yes.

MALAK: This time, all those people that are like, "I sure hate that Rafa," well, they're just not going to upset us this time.

RAFA: Wait, what? Me?

MALAK: Yeah. I mean, I get it. You're hard to work with. But what we're going to do this time is find the teams that can tolerate you and we'll work with them. Simple as that.

RAFA: Why am I the one—

MALAK: Okay, well, that wraps that up. Looking forward to racing again!