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The Archives

The Archives is a collection of the works from The Goat Pen that are no longer being updated, either because the story is completed or cancelled. Regardless of reason, they are here because they were important aspects of the website that made our tiny community what it is.

Bugging Sephiroth (2002-2009): This was TGP's first ongoing series. It began while I was in high school (so you'll notice a lot of poor sentence structure and awkward plot points early in the series) and continued on for several years. It follows Final Fantasy 7's villain, Sephiroth, as he tries to exist with his crazy mother, Jenova, in a world that he recently tried to destroy. Can he contain his telepathic mother's crazy tendencies in this wild adventure?

The Squall Online Experiment (2005-2006): This series was the first ever guest-submission story. The series is a comedic story about the characters of Final Fantasy 8 after the events of the game's story. The story is told through e-mails to the introverted Squall Leonhart by a variety of characters. Through the e-mails, a very quirky story unfolds.

Mallboro (2005-2012): Mallboro was a livejournal role-playing community (no longer being updated) set in a world where all Final Fantasy games intersect and heroes and villains alike were required to work in a shopping mall, just to make ends meet. We had a great run and a lot of fun and it's still interesting to look at the site and read through old journal entries.