TGP: Background


     Wow! Somebody clicked this page! This page is to give a little bit of my background and to explain my process in creating this website.

     I first began web-design in middle school. I took a class in eighth grade that was responsible for maintaining the school's website. Then, in my English class, we were required to put a project together and my project was to create a personal website. My website was, of course, terrible. It was about everything that nobody cared about, or could otherwise find elsewhere in a better format. I still remember scanning the covers of my video games and keeping a book of codes and secrets in video games.

     In high school, my site sat for a little while with little development. I occasionally updated it, but it was just some little geocities page that was plagued with ads to the point that I didn't even care about it. Then, I met a kid in high school that gave me a subdomain from his own server and I really kicked off my site. Granted, I made everything with Microsoft FrontPage, so my coding was terrible.

     In junior college, I took a web design class and learned how to write HTML properly. I created a template by hand, with a little help from Photoshop for the images. I still used FrontPage, but for maintenance only.

     This was about the time that my site really began to take off. I went to school in the mornings, worked evenings, and worked on my website at nights. I continued to work on my website all throughout college, even though majoring in mathematics and learning some basic computer programming at UC Riverside was very demanding and I had little time for the site, especially since I met the love of my life at college.

     Since college, I have been working hard to make a living. I got married to the afformentioned love of my life in 2009 had my first child in 2013 and my second in 2015. I earned my teaching credential and have been teaching high school math since 2011. With a family to spend time with and support, my time for the website is becoming very limited, but I try to work on the site when I can.

     The future goal for me and for this site is to do my own original works, all to be featured or at least sampled on this site. After writing so much fan fiction, analyzing so many video games, and learning the basics of several programming languages, I'd like to try my hand at creating my own games and writing my own stories. I know it'll be a long and difficult road, but I am ready to commit myself to these goals. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for bearing with me through these slow years of updates. I hope you enjoy the site!