TGP: Features


The Goat Pen contains a variety of projects. The majority of projects are related to Final Fantasy fan fiction, but most of the fiction has a heavy emphasis on comedy and is unlike the majority of fiction. The following are the highlights that have made The Goat Pen what it is today.

The Amazing Final Fantasy Race (2005-Current): The Amazing Final Fantasy Race is a crossover series that places the characters of Final Fantasy into the reality television show The Amazing Race. They travel through the worlds of games created by Final Fantasy creators Squaresoft and Square-Enix in teams of two as they race for the prize of one-million gil. The series had an awkward start as it began as a purely humorous concept, but eventually evolved into a thrilling series. A great series for fans of the Final Fantasy series.

The Archives: This is where you will find old TGP features that have been moved from the main navigation because they are completed projects. They were important features to the website, but no longer reflect the website's direction. Includes the site's original hit series: Bugging Sephiroth, as well as The Squall Online Experiment and the online community: Mallboro.