TGP: Links



Friends of The Goat Pen

Kyle Sawyer Blogspot: TGP enthusiast Fleck has created his own site. His series, Future Bound, is an amazing read for any fans of Final Fantasy 8, and Survivor: Silent Hill is a great compliment to my own The Amazing Final Fantasy Race.

Video Game Related Sites

The Final Fantasy Wiki: A constant help for me as I work on parts of my website. Why bother to remember anything Final Fantasy related while this site exists? A big thanks to the site and to all that help update it (accurately).

Zero Punctuation: A man of seemingly excellent taste that loves to criticize video games. Of course I like Yahtzee; have you not seen how both of us can rip apart a video game? Hilarious reviews of new games (and some old) that are almost always spot-on.

Cinemassacre: I enjoy watching the Angry Video Game Nerd a lot, mostly because I love seeing old, terrible video games. He has some other good stuff on his site, too, not just AVGN, but AVGN is what I always look for.

VG Cats: An excellent webcomic when it updates. Great video game humor in the normal comics, plus Super Effective is really awesome. I hope it continues!

Just Plain Awesome Sites

The Best Page in the Universe: Maddox. You all know you loved him when he updated. A true pirate and hater of everything. Even if he doesn't update, you can really read his old stuff over and over.

Kongregate: A great site for not only Flash games, but fun achievements (badges) to go along with them. For many games out there, badges and other goals are all these games need to boost them from good to awesome. Yeah, fine, I'm a nerd that links to a random number generator. Still, love the site and use it often. Go random numbers!