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Spoiler-Free Zone
I try not to reveal too much about the plot of a game in my reviews in case someone has not played the game or has not finished it, so I leave my reviews slightly vague. Any spoilers that do appear are mild and warned. If you would like more details about any of the games, please e-mail me or sign up in the forum and we'll discuss in further detail.

The following reviews cover an entire game. I have played them from beginning to end and have analyzed everything that I feel needs to be analyzed.

The 3rd Birthday
Chrono Trigger
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7
Eternal Sonata
Final Fantasy 2
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 13
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Little Big Planet Review
Pokemon: Generation 1
Pokemon: Generation 2
Pokemon: Generation 3
Pokemon: Generation 5

The following reviews cover an entire series and generally analyze the concepts used throughout the series instead of the individual games themselves.

Bloons TD Review

The following reviews are quick analyses of games I have played. These games may not have been played entirely and the reviews are not as thorough as the full reviews.

Silent Hill Downpour Review


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